A relevant yesterday… a better today… a brighter future…



Today's Future is a non-profit company that strives to benefit the public via:

• Non-Discrimination
• Social Cohesion
• Nation Building
• Positive Behaviour Change
• Peace in Diversity and
• Care for Humanity


Through solutions in:

• Education
• Human Rights
• Arts & Culture
• Heritage
• South African Constitution
• Sports
• International Relations


Today's Future does social cause work that
educates, inspires, creates awareness and connects people and communities
for the benefit of positive behavior change in individuals and groups.

Our programmes and outputs include:

• Research, Strategy, Planning and Problem Solving
• Awareness
• Community Engagement
• Technology for Human Rights
• Exhibitions
• Training


All Solutions and Programmes are Practical, Tangible and Constructive.



WINSPIRED is a transversal approach for social employment, and an opportunity to create 1714 jobs for the marginalised in South Africa.